On Android (Experimental)


KeyReel import support on Android is experimental. We highly recommend you to use Mac oe Windows apps instead which are part of KeyReel Premium subscription.

KeyReel for Android currently supports CSV file format only and was tested with 1Password and LastPass exports.

Firstly, you need to deliver the CSV file to your Android device. Few password managers support password export in their Android apps. If yours does not, you need to export passwords on Mac or PC and then deliver it to Android via USB stick, email, secure messaging app, or cloud drive (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.).


CSV files are not encrypted. If you use cloud service to transfer the CSV file (email, cloud drive, messaging app), the copy of your file might remain on the server. Be sure to securely delete the file and all of its versions from history.

To import passwords into KeyReel, click the CSV file on the Android device and tap Open With KeyReel. KeyReel app will ask you to confirm the import.


Credentials already stored in the KeyReel have a higher priority than those being imported. This means that if your phone already has credentials with the same site+username pair, they will be skipped during the Import, leaving the existing data in KeyReel for those accounts intact.