On Windows


Credentials already stored in the KeyReel have a higher priority than those being imported. This means that if your phone already has credentials with the same site+username pair, they will be skipped during the Import, leaving the existing data in KeyReel for those accounts intact.

To import JSON or CSV file you have to walk through these steps:

Open KeyReel Preferences

Step #1: Open KeyReel preferences

Select import file format

Step #2: Select import file format

Select file you have previously exported

Step #3: Select file

Approval request will be sent to your phone. Following screenshots are for iPhone, however Android phones have similar interface:

Step #3: Wait for approval

Now check your phone and tap Approve importing or Deny it. After tapping the Approve button you have to confirm your PIN-code:

Step #5: How to Import Credentials from KeyReel JSON/CSV file to the KeyReel Password Vault

Now the import begins so you simply have to wait a while until it’s finished:


Keep your phone close to the computer during the whole import procedure!